Inventory Funding - Distributor Program

Inventory Financing - Distributor Program

Pinogy eliminates two of the biggest hurdles a retailer faces

1. How to fund the product they need vs. the product they can afford.

2. Eliminates seasonal and fluctuating cash ow challenges by paying for their product as it sells.


Helps the retailer to grow their business and aids in cash flow management.


Retailers can increase purchase frequency and capitalize on periodic purchasing opportunities such as promotions, trade show discounts etc.


Increase in new product orders as retailers have time to test market the product with their customers and pay as it sells.


Retailers can access up to $5000 in financing through a fast and easy online application process. Increased lines are available (up to $250,000 per location) with a more comprehensive application process and an integrated POS.


Distributors will see increased sales as retailers are more likely to order product at a higher frequency due to their ability to pay for the product as it sells.


Distributors are paid via ACH within 48 hours after Inventory Funding receives the electronic invoice.


Pinogy assumes all liability if the retailer does not pay for their order.


Distributors will simplify A/R, reduce receivables, save time during the billing process (fewer CODs), and credits & returns are simple to manage.


Support concierges are available to guide distributors and retailers every step of the way.